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Referral Commissions: To Pay Or Not To Pay?

Anyone who has ever thought of implementing a referral system in their business had to ponder these questions: Should I or should I not pay referral commissions? If pay, how much? Should I use a specific formula like a percentage of sales or flat amount? Or should I be giving gifts? And what types of […]

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Word Of Mouth Gone Wrong

In my small business referral seminars, I sometimes ask the participants of their opinion about the best way to increase the number of referrals they get in their business. Invariably, there are some business owners in the audience who say that they “just need to do a good job” and the positive word of mouth […]

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Referral Intent

To some people, the “Swap & Drop” referral method described in the previous article may have read like a lesson in shameless manipulation. After all, it looks like what I am doing is this: Asking people to call me back because I might have a referral for them and proceeding to sell them my services. […]

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7 Reasons We Love Referrals

Since this is the month of LUV, let’s talk about why we love getting referrals. Getting a referral is like receiving a stamp of approval for all the hard work you’ve done. It sure does feel good! However, aside from the warm and fuzzy of this experience, let’s take a look at the 7 most […]

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Little Santa

Can Christmas Cards Help You Get More Referrals?

No, they really can’t. Or at least, referrals are not very likely to happen just because you have sent out a bunch of holiday cards. Here’s why: Everybody sends out Christmas cards, or “Season’s Greetings” cards, around this time of the year. Your card, when received by your client, will have to compete for their […]

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